Saturday, August 28, 2004

Choice paralysis and Python web frameworks

There is a phenomenon in psychology, I cannot remember its name, to do with too many choices creating a paralysis of choice. e.g. If you have 3 T.V. stations to choose from , you flick through 'em, pick one and watch it. If you have 300 T.V. stations to choose from, you are swamped in choices and end up flicking all day, not watching any one thing.

There is a metaphor in philosophy, I forget its name (I'm bad with names, can you tell?). Somebody had a donkey - a very logical donkey. The donkey is tethered within equidistant reach of two yummy bales of hay. The donkey dies of starvation because there is no logical reason to pick one bale over the other.

Thusly introduced, I recommend PyWebOff.

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