Thursday, August 05, 2004

WS-MD? No thanks

WS-MD, another Web Services spec.

Is it just me but does anybody else out there think these guys should take a few deep breaths and review where they have got to, how they got there and why?

The reason I ask is that if this is the future of web services it looks awfully complicated and complicated specs in this industry often turn into either (a) hypernovas of non-interoperable (read "proprietary" implementations) or (b) withered leaves on a vine.

Back up the truck there Tonto! Get back to basics. You have URIs, you have XML messages. You need reliable, asynchronous message exchange. Its not complicated. Its a simple HTTP exchange pattern on top of a MOM. Synchronous? That is just fast asynchronous. Remember LU 6.2. Remember MQSeries?

Speed? Nacht! You can compile away asynchronous messaging into direct point to point API calls at runtime. Its not complicated.

You started at the wrong end of the pipe. SOAP always was and always will be and API-centric worldview.

That is not the future.

That is the past.

Re-implemented badly.

Sometimes I wonder. I really do.

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