Thursday, June 16, 2005

Correlating screen size and method length

This is just an off-the-wall thought. Does the size of the screen used when writing code, influence the decomposition into methods/functions of the code?

Some background. Yesterday I finally got around to installing Ubuntu on my bright shiny new IBM T42P and everything about it so far is just unspeakably wonderful.

It has a higher screen resolution than I an used to. Looking at some Jython code on it felt different from looking at the same code on my Dell 5100. I could see more lines of code. More information in 1 single screenful.

I got to thinking: if I'd written the code on the high res T42P would some of the elective decomposition into methods/functions occur in different places to reflect the increased capacity of "one screenful" of information?

Just a thought.

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