Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sun T2000 Niagara Noodling. Part 3.

Second part was here.

Getting the T2000 racked up was straighforward. The arms have neat clips instead of the ususal screws to lock the machine in place (i.e. stop it sliding out). Press the clips and slide out, then slide back and it locks in place. Much nicer to use than the thumbscrew approach.

Power connected, network, console cable to laptop running Windows Hyperterminal.
Press the power button (tiny - you need a pen, it even says this on the installation instructions! 'needed - one screwdriver, antistatic strap (supplied) and one ballpoint pen').

And then...Lights flash...all amber...Not good.

Turns out we were trying to fly on one power supply connection. No can do. It will not power on without the second PSU plugged into mains as well. We don't
have any redundant power (the T2000 obviously expects a better class of
machine room!), so we plugged it into a spare socket, and off it went.

The fans make a goodly amount of noise but not appreciably different from other servers in the server room (mostly Dell and HP boxes).

Following the text-based installation was straightforward up until the point where it wanted to know what name service to use. NIS+, DNS, LDAP and NONE. The machine is not yet in our DNS and it wasn't happy about the DNS choice. We chose NONE and are hoping we won't live to regret that later.

Then came root password and a reboot. Time to get out of the machine room.

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