Thursday, July 31, 2003

Towards Jython 2.2

Jython, lest you do not know of it, is the most compelling weapon the Java platform has for its survival into the 21st century:-) Jython 2.2 alpha release now available.


Serguei Son said...


"lest" means "in order that ... not". For example, "lest we forget" means "in order that we do not forget".

"lest you do not know of it" would mean "in order that you do not not know of it" = "in order that you know of it", which makes no sense in this context.

Perhaps, you meant simply "if you do not know of it?"

Sean said...


Yes. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I want debug the Jython script in java code, for example, i want trace which statement in Jython script is executing now? is there some APIs I can use to get the runtine information about this?
thank you very much .
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