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Friday, August 07, 2009

When is a mobile phone not a phone?

When is a mobile phone not a phone? When it is a smart phone apparently.

I got a T-Mobile MyTouch. My SIM needs to be provisioned for data services before I can use the internet stuff on it. Ok fine. I found out today that it might take 48 hours...Hmmmm, not great but ok, fine.

But here is the kicker, unless I am missing something I cannot make a phone call in the interim! My "phone" insists on being a computer first and a phone second it seems.

Monday, August 03, 2009

G2 Phone

Well, my Sidekick was lost/stolen in Washington D.C. and the T-Mobile G2 Phone is launching this week therefore the Gods clearly want me to have one. Right?

Humanity Test

The Turing Test will soon be passed by a machine - or so some believe. I think we need to up the ante. How about something that simultaneously captures humanity and aesthetics in a way impervious to mere brute calculation attacks?

I want to see a machine be genuinely moved watching this particular rendering of Cold Play's Fix You.