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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tiling an A3 image onto multiple sheets of A4 with Linux

I'm constantly amazed at how rapidly Google finds free Linux utilities that do what I want to do. Some of them very, very obscure. Its one of the really nice things about running Linux day-to-day as one's main environment.

Yesterday, however was different. Yesterday I wanted to find some way to print an A3 PDF on multiple sheets of A4 paper. This is one of those things that sits of the border line between (a) the originating application (b) a stand-alone utility and (c) the printer driver.

I have a multi-stage process that works but is not for the faint of heart. Have I missed something?

Publishing 2.0

I will be doing the keynote presentation at Publishing 2.0 on Wednesday 25 April 2007 in Bletchley Park (yes that* Bletchley Park: Alan Turing, Enigma machines, all that) in the UK.
The event is being organised by XML:UK. I have attended a couple of previous XML:UK events and thoroughly enjoyed them. This will be no different I'm sure.

I will be talking about how a whole series of mini-revolutions currently ongoing in the publishing space add up to a much bigger bang than the three previous electronic publishing revolutions : (1) electronic production for paper (2) CD-ROM distribution and retrieval (3) Web distribution and retrieval.

Number (4) is a humdinger. Come to Bletchley and we'll talk about it.

Linux pre-installed on a Dell box (or any other box)

click here to help make it happen. If Dell can find a model that makes this work for them, you can be sure that other vendors will follow suit. This here snowball needs to start rolling down the hill. You can help get it started.