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Friday, December 23, 2005

Pulling XMas Greetings

I just had an odd thought. By writing "Happy XMas" here I am partly "sending/pushing" XMas greetings but also relying on readers who use RSS to "receive/pull" their own XMas greeting.
Sender -> intermediation -> receiver. Point-to-point meets publish/subscribe. The words "send" and "receive" blurr into theory-only black and white absolutes, hidden behind a thickening fog of shades of grey.


Anyway, Happy XMas.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Lets all change our names to be 1024 digit numbers

If that proves to be impractical, lets make it easier to find people as opposed to things on the Web.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Abstract thought for the day

    Any sufficiently abstract art form is indistinguisable from rubbish.

Plone in NZ Government

Article on the use of Plone by New Zealand government agencies makes interesting reading for Plone fans. As an out-of-th-box bag'o'tricks for creating CMS/website solutions - on Windows or on Linux - Plone is tough to beat.

UDDI heretics

UDDI registry shutdown. This XMas could be remembered as the time when various WS-you-must-be-joking turkeys finally got stuffed. The UDDI heretic in me applauds this trend.
Steve has a nice phrase for it.

Doctype - blech

Tim Bray writes about zapping Doctype. Amen to that. Here is a posting from 2001 where I outlined my reasoning for not using it. For a while I remember signing myself as Sean "deprecate doctype" McGrath on xml-dev:-)

Oh, and here is a spec for an XML 1.0 profile that works around the interop and processing issues created by doctype. It has changed somewhat since I was involved but the core concepts remain the same.