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Thursday, August 14, 2003

XML Namespaces - Spike Milligan style

A. There is nothing at the end of that namespace URI you know.
B. Then I won't dereference it.
A. But it might contain something we don't need to know!
B. Then I'd better dereference it to find out what isn't there.

Interesting optical trick on a FoneBlog

Stare at it for 60 seconds. Close your eyes. What do you see? Very clever.

A good example of a semantic shadow for knowledge representation - FOAF-XML

Simon St. Laurent has implemented a mapping between a simple XML language - tuned to the problem domain - and its more general, but way more abstract RDF representation. This is a very nice example of what I referred to as a 'semantic shadow' in RDF and other monkey wrenches.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

No ISSN's for Irish Blogs

I read about ISSN's for weblogs and made a few enquiries. Quoting from the reponse:
    Certain categories of on-line publication are also eligible for ISSNs, weblogs, being specifically excluded.

Oh, well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Python for .NET

Python for .NET is a near-seamless integration of the CPython runtime with the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Monday, August 11, 2003

Chomsky deconstructs LOTR :-)


Nutch - doesn't work as a verb for me

"To nutch" something. Would that work as a verb for you?

Sublinking...or something

Dorothea wonders:

    "Has any enterprising lit-critter come up with a term yet for what I just did in the last paragraph? Undercutting the literal meaning of the sentence on the page with the links I tied to it? Somebody must have. I see people doing this all over the place; I surely didn’t invent it.)"

Beats me.

I told you namespaces were easy

Trends in modular XML specifications at the W3C.
Overheard at Extreme Markup (easily the best conference I've never been to) as reported on xmlhack:
    "Implementability was not a goal of the Schema Working Group."

I'd laugh if I could find room through the tears :-/

Open Office? Easter Egg?

here. Works in 1.1 as well.


"Mad Hatter desktops will use JavaCards for authentication..." it says in this Infoworld article about Sun's upcoming Mad Hatter desktop. Interesting.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I want one

A koobox costs $449.

Blog link problems

Links to my blog from my RSS feed etc. are not working. Thanks to those who have reported the problem to me via e-mail. I've reported the problem to Blogger.

Emacs mode for Python goes to Sourceforge

python-mode is wonderful, wonderful thing if you are an Emacs using Python/Jython programmer. Highly recommended.