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Saturday, May 06, 2006

An *Ubuntu Home Network #1

The goal: A couple of Ubuntu 5.10 boxes for the wrinkled ones. A couple of Edubuntu boxes for the rugrats, all to be connected together via WIFI and share an ADSL modem connection to the internet. A proxy setup with Dansguard or similar for the Edubuntus.

A tidy little weekend project...That might not get done in a weekend.

I'll post the highlights of the highs and lows here, starting with this one:

Firefox Sloth Mode Headscratch

Installing the *Ubuntu's went off without any problems whatsoever. Auto-detected the wifi cards etc. Some problems getting the boxes to see each other but that is down to coverage issues from my coverage-challenged WIFI access point.

The first significant problem was with firefox which was painfully slow connecting to websites. At first I suspected a DNS lookup problem but the dig utility ruled that one out. Firefox hanging for ages on "looking up example.com" has a way of steering you towards DNS.

The real problem turned out to be IPV6 lookup. Firefox will do IPV6 lookup by default (and take about 30 seconds to fallback to IPV4 if your router doesn't grok IPV6).

You will need to turn that puppy off unless your router is IPV6 enabled.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

St. Patrick Missed a Few

Legend has it that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, oh about 1500 years ago. Hence the title bar on www.python.ie

Jambo Django

Django is building up a serious head of steam. New to it? Say hello to it here. The comments are worth a read too.


This post was brought to you today - at broadband speeds (from Eircom) - from my house in Sligo, Ireland.

If I never see a 56k analog modem again, it will be too soon.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sun T2000 Niagara Noodling. Part The First.

We have a Sun T2000 Niagra server now on Sun's 60 day trial.

When I first found out about this trial, I did not think Ireland was included as Ireland was absent from the drop-down list of countries in the form.

However, I called Sun and it turns out that the same offer applies in Ireland and they told me how to go about it. (Basically you send them the same information you would have submitted on the form as an e-mail. I recommend calling them if you are interested.)

So now we need to get it racked up and onto our Intranet. I'll be blogging how I get on.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Master Foo's Taxation Theory of Microformats