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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I've been Lessiged!

Slashdotted is the effect caused by lots of hits from slashdot. I'm getting a lot of hits from Larwerence Lessig. Is Lessiged a good verb for it? How many 'g's should it have?

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

What is the difference between a name and an address?

In the ITWorld archives A study in XML culture and evolution.

MMIX interperter in pure XSLT

As an exercise in XSLT programming, we in Propylon have implemented a (MMIX Interperter) in pure XSLT.

A sample program that calculates PI is embedded with the interpreter. It can be found here.

Note to MMIX programmers - pseudo directives) are not supported in this release.

Note that the calculation is very slow as it is based on Zoeller's Congruential Interator algorithm but is serves as an useful short example.

For XALAN-C/Pyana users a sample program is included. The stylesheet should work with any reasonably conformant
XSLT implementation.

-- Python Program invoking Xalan via Pyana --
# Pyana example execution of MIX PI calculation stylesheet
import Pyana

fo = open ("pi-mix.xsl","r")
xsl = fo.read()
fo = open ("pi.xml", "r")
xml = fo.read()
print Pyana.transform2String(source=xml, style=xsl)

-- Output --

Monday, March 31, 2003

Virtual volatility

Jeff Cheney notes that my blog has tanked in value since the weekend. Oh well.
Aside: This reminds me of the days when I trained as a Financial Futures Trader. No kidding! I spent four months in the late Eighties trading a fictional portfolio of bonds, bills, FCOJ and the like. I lost a virtual packet and took to software soon after. I then spent four years automatiing technical analysis algorithms in futures trading applications. Not an XML tag in sight.

Sunday, March 30, 2003


Interesting. fotonotes reminds me of (straightening zimmerframe) segmented hypergraphis in Windows 3.1 help files.
Hypertexting areas of pictures is a much underutilised concept on the web. Perhaps that will change.

362 dollars and 67 cents

My blog is $362.57 of blogshares fantasy stock market money.
Pathetic huh?