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Friday, October 06, 2006

Use the (Open) Source, Luke

Use the (Open) Source, Luke.

Happy Birthday Plone

Plone is five today. Happy Birthday. If you need a content management system that has lots of plug-in bits'n'bobs; that has a flexible framework for doing custom stuff; that is free; is open source; works on Windows and Linux and Solaris..and you want all this right now ...click here

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Came so far for...

Last night was an evening of Leonard Cohen Songs at the Point Depot in Dublin.

In a nutshell: disappointed.

I realise that every rendering of a song/poem is an interpretation but some interpretive Rubicons were crossed last night.

First the bad news. Some songs that I'm so fond of from the great man's works I feel almost *posessive* about the originals were not so much "interpreted" as "hung, drawn, quartered, dessicated, packed into 10 gallon drums and dumped into the malodorous Liffey.

The good news. Some of the interpretations came off well. Some very well. The reggae version of Joan of Arc worked. Tonite Will Be Fine worked. Lou Reed's mostly loud and metallic contributions were shockingly new but, in time, I suspect I would get to like them.

Luckily, at the the times the show lagged, Jarvis Cocker, Nick Cave or Julie Christensen
would arrive and rescue matters with something beautiful.

All in all, if it was on again and the set was going to be the same, I'd turn up at the interval and catch the second half.

Oh and on the instrument side. The saw...I don't think it helped.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Innovation through constraint

    "And now comes my horrible, tentative conclusion. The best way to foster innovation in an engineering crew is to give them a set of constraints." -- Innovation through constraint

Sunday, October 01, 2006

webcameron, irishelection...

Two blogs I found recently have driven something home to me:

Its not just the field of politics of course. This is just an example. Blogging is truly steaming ahead, leaving its geek roots behind. Kids will grow up thinking that blogs and the web are all part of the same thing and will think that that was always the case. Always part of the original picture.

Amazing. Isn't it?