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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Get 'em early

http://www.foops.be. Oh my.

Blogtalk 2008: Mashups, microformats and syndication

I will be speaking and chairing a panel at Blogtalk 2008 in Cork (Ireland) in March. The excogitative and ruminative locus of the panel will be Mashups, microformats and syndication

This isn't a device, it's a service

    "The emphasis in the industry is shifting from software/hardware as something to be owned and cherished and capitalized and depreciated to software/hardware as something to be consumed and rented and thrown out over time." --
    This isn't a device, it's a service

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And more changes to the blog...

I have changed over to the new blogger stuff completely now. Using the blogger widget to show the archive. Using the built-in commenting system rather than haloscan. I'm using one of the default skins unchanged (for now).

The re-direct to feedburner for the feed seems to be functioning fine.

Hopefully, I can leave everything alone now for another five years :-)