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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WIKIs - a tipping point for the Web?

    "Is the Web just a hyperlink's way of making another hyperlink in the same way that a chicken can be viewed as an egg's way of making another egg?" --
    WIKIs - a tipping point for the Web?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Just for fun: World Cup Final Prediction

About this time during every world cup I get fed up listening to the predictions of the experts on the telly. Football is a simple game and anybody can play the pundit. That is part of its attraction.

Apparently a billion people will watch the game today. They can all laugh in unison at my prediction after the game if they want :-)

Here it is:

World Cup Final Prediction: Italy 1. France 0.

  • Fabio Grosso to score early in the second half.
  • Cannavaro to be man of the match.
  • Henry to miss a sitter to equalise in the dying seconds.
  • Zidane to be substituted after a bad knock to his right knee in a foul by Pirlo.
  • Scattered showers in Berlin, Mostly in the first half.