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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


  • Derssolation: or Dersolation: An unpleasant emotional state that comes with not having access to your RSS aggregator for a period of time through no fault of your own. e.g. because your server based RSS aggregator is down.

Origin of term uncertain. Though by some to be a combination of desolation, isolation and RSS. Rumoured to have started life as a googlewhack on 18 May 2005.

Pulling the divil (sic) by the (long) tail

Bill pointed me to BBC backstage apropos my recent separating content from presentation soliloquy.

Interesting indeed.

Methinks an interesting metamorphosis gatherth momentum. He who hath e-content brand, hath better figure out a way of harnessing the creative potential of the the long tail. For truly I say onto you, he who hath not got a hold of the long tail hath a major problem brewing going forward as an e-content brand.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Referer curiosity syndrome

The curiosity that results from seeing repeated appearances of a firewalled URI in your HTTP refererlogs...

A URI to an FAQ for example, in a big tech. company. A blue one :-)

Monday, May 16, 2005

Differentiating content from presentation

Differentiating content from presentation is dead easy. The boundary line is clearly visible surrounding the black bits in this picture.

Trouble is, as you zoom in on the differentiation to clarify your own thinking, the complexity of the boundary refuses to reduce...Or so it seems to me.

Where does content stop and presentation start?
is my rumination in ITWorld this week.

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