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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Arise POJO's

I'm with Mike Clark when it comes to POJOs. I've seen good stuff that is not POJO based but I've seen an awful lot of stuff that is just awful. Complexity delivered in a steady hushed monotone designed to frighten the natives. If its complex and abstract, its good right?
I *love* this quote from Nicklaus Wirth:

    Increasingly, people seem to misinterpret complexity as sophistication, which is baffling -- the incomprehensible should cause suspicion rather than admiration.

Beautiful, looks as if it has a continuous first derivative, but what does it mean?

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Blagging it

Thanks to Sam Ruby and Fredrik Lundh for pointers to blagg and pyblagg (now Spcyroll).

Server side RSS aggregation and "virtual RSS"?

I have a lot of feeds now. I'd like to get some server-side cleverness to coalesce various standalone feeds into, aggregated feeds so that my client side aggregator sees it as a single feed. Does such a thing exist?

Just draw your business process and then execute it? Yeah, right.

ITWorld article: Sometimes, a word is worth a thousand pictures. The essence of the difference between words and pictures - programs and models - fascinates me. I am primarily a words person but I appreciate the value of a good picture. What I don't see is a near future in which programming is reduced to pictorial lego.

Loose Coupling - compliment or criticism?

ITWorld article: Loosely coupled may not be a term of endearment argues that us technical folk need to watch our language on this one.

The real tragedy of SPAM

ITWorld article : The end-to-end design principle and the real tragedy of spam laments that spam filtering is consistent with the end-to-end principle of network design (simply put - put smart stuff at the edges of the network). Unfortunately, that means we loose all that lovely bandwidth. What a shame.

Friday, June 27, 2003

Keeping the Web in Web Services

I missed this article until now. Highly recommended.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Monday, June 23, 2003

Michael Jackson and blogging

No not that Michael Jackson. An English computer scientist by the name of Michael Jackson, creator of JSP - no not that JSP - (Jackson Structured Programming) and JSD (Jackson Structured Design) once wrote:

    What is a library but a collection of books? To model a library, you must first model a book.

Like turtles, this one goes all the way down.

    What is a weblog but a collection of entries? To model a weblog, you must first model an entry.

To my mind, the essense of a weblog is that it crumbles the page model of the web into finer grained items that have URIs - blog entries. A weblog "page" for human consumption is what you get when you skin a collection of blog entries with HTML. A weblog for machine consumption is what you get when you take a collection of well-formed blog entries (XML of course) and skip the skin.
So, is Sam's Log Format initiative a good idea? Absolutely.

First prize in the category "most spectacular arrival at a regional Zope Conference" goes to...

Phil Windley.