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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dochead Technical Architects required in Propylon

Propylon are looking for a couple of highly experienced, XML/Publishing/Workflow/CMS Technical Architects. Must be capable of leading from the front on projects and bringing them in on time and within budget.

  • If you don't know what a dochead is, you don't want the job.
  • If you are not a dochead, you don't want the job.
  • If you think kerning is a winter sport, you don't want the job.
  • If you think W3C XML Schema solves all the worlds problems, you don't want the job.
  • If you think GUIs should be the first thing designed on a project, you don't want the job.
  • If you think "The Complete works of Shakespeare" is a lot of textual content, you don't want the job.
  • If your first thought when confronted with 1,000,000 pages of textual data is to put it all in a database, you don't want the job.
  • If you think XSLT is just super at XML transformation and that the GUIs for mapping one tag to another that spit out XSLT are really great productivity tools, you don't want the job.
  • If you cannot think of 3 good reasons why dynamically typed programming languages have a role to play in this universe, you don't want the job.

Candidates must be capable of withstanding the reality distorting field of off-the-wall analogies and ocassionally preposterous notions that surrounds the CTO to a depth of 20 meters.

Minimum 10 years experience required.

Apply within.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An eddy in the space/time continuum on blogger.com

I'm pretty sure I posted something this morning about the fact that I am now 28.

The post arrived on our internal mailan mailing list in one piece so somewhere in the bowels of blogger, it was a work in progress for a while...

Then it appears to have disappeared into a void of static main's leaving arrays of strings in its wake.

Oh, well.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

At Praveg's Wedding in India

This week's ITWorld article has served to remind me that I have not yet blogged a photo of my India trip a few months back.

Here is a thumbnail, compliments of Flickr: PravegsWedding

Monday, April 25, 2005

Dynamically lawnmowered naked masala tapas thoughts

Naked programming on naked street..

Not only is it work safe but its about programming.


Timeless ruminations

Without resort to Google, have a guess who said this and how long ago these words where uttered:
    One's sense of honor is the only thing that does not grow old, and the last pleasure, when one is worn out with age, is not, as the poet said, making money, but having the respect of one's fellow men.

A retiring Bluechip CEO? A Junk Bond Salesman? A Prime Minister writing his/her memoirs? A filthy rich beneficiary of the tech bubble?

Answer here.