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Friday, February 10, 2006

Recommended books - mark 2

I started a books page years ago and last updated it...years ago.

It was a locally stored HTML file (actually XML, pushed to HTML Pythonically) which I then would FTP up to this blog here.

In an effort to determine if the technology used (all that XML purity and FTP) was the source of the stop energy, I've moved it to a plain old WIKI page here.

Now I will watch over my own shoulder for a few months to see if I find myself updating it :-)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What do you mean "you don't have a public WIKI"?

Setting up a WIKI on the Web is easy, is bordering on the brink of truly fashionable and will soon become positively commonplace.
Go do it.

Living on the Edge of Plan A

"Nature has developed some very impressive, very complex systems by taking individually unreliable things and hooking them together in their millions to create very reliable things. Perhaps that is the destiny of computing - a highly reliable Plan A based on a Plan B which just replicates Plan A because it is cheap to do so." -- Living on the Edge of Plan A.