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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A four movement symphony pattern

Portal yields bots yields Web Service API yields File System Abstraction.

Listen up all ye persistence-capable web apps:
Resistance is futile. You will become a file server.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Web CRUD marches on

I have previously opined the fact that it remains easier to fire up Access, Lotus Notes etc. to create an application with Create, Read/Report, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations on relational databases, than to try to do the same as a web app. This is one area where "the simple things should be simple" has not proven true to date.

Anything that involves cutting HTML templates, coding servlets etc. is just too low level for a whole class of "power user" database-oriented applications.

The whole two-way web thing which, for some reason, has caught fire with AJAX and co. appears to be changing that slowly but surely.

This Turbogears example is the sign of things to come. Design, deploy, manage and interact with a fully fledged web-hosted database application using nothing but coffee, a web cafe and some free time between flight connections? It is becoming increasingly possible.