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Monday, April 21, 2008

How to stop worrying and learn to love IT complexity

    "From time to time I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of all the moving parts that make up modern IT environments. Even if your job is not specifically about fixing stuff, it is so very, very easy to lose entire days trying to get X to work with Y. Or trying to find some way to make X work on top of Y. Or trying to figure out why X works on its own but as soon as you add in Y, X magically stops working ... It is amazing we get anything done at all really." -- How to stop worrying and learn to love IT complexity

77% growth? Wow

Looks like 1040 people attended Pycon 2008 representing a 77% increase on last years attendance. over 1k people at a Python conference! Times have changed. My one and only Python conference to date was in Houston Texas 10 years ago. (10!).

There was significantly less that 1000 people at that event. I remember we pretty much all bailed out to a Sushi bar one evening, handed over a collective bunch of dollars and asked them to bring "food" . Try that with 1000+ delegates.

The soul of the new machine

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