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Saturday, November 29, 2003

EuroPython moves to Sweden for 2004

EuroPython conference, 2004, will be in Sweden.

Dipping a toe into Jython?

I have had a couple of e-mails from people looking for a way to evaluate the suitability of Jython for their work without spending much time setting stuff up etc. Chapter 1 of Pedroni/Rappin's excellent book is online at developer.com and I recommend that as a place to start.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Thursday, November 27, 2003

NewBay wins Ericcson award for moblogging system

I see that NewBay have won an award for their phone blogging system foneblog from Ericcsson.

Betty Harvey on her travails with W3C XML Schema

Betty Harvey writes about her travails with W3C XML Schema.

Scripting/Dynamically typed languages at JavaOne

Frank Cohen has put in a BOF proposal for next years Java One on scripting languages. Great. We need to come in low and under the radar. Lets start with "scripting". Given 10 minutes to play with, say, Jython, any programmer with a semi-open mind will see that this baby is a fully blown, object oriented programming language that can step up to the plate in hard core application development.
Someday hopefully, the phrase "dynamically typed" will come to supplant "scripting" in the language of static-typed, compile-centric programmers. Someday. For now, "scripting" is the right word I think. Low and under the radar...steady as she goes...

Another Irish tech blogger

Peter Flynn joins the ranks of the blog enabled.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Are dynamic languages going to replace static languages?

An interesting article on the static versus dynamic typing chestnut.

The fine art of blame allocation

We live in a world in which the comprehensive swing away from client-side programs (thick clients) in favour of server-side progams (thin clients) has reached a critical juncture. Will the trend continue or will the powers that be and/or users, decide that the time is right for thicker, client-side applications? Locally installed web-apps that are not in the browser, web service based UIs? Before leaping into any thickening of the client I think we need to ask if the benefits merit the increased flakiness of the client-side that will go with it. The fine art of blame allocation is an ITWorld article on this topic.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Python writing make file components - Bruce Eckel

A delicious just-it-time generation of a chunk of a makefile, by itself - sort of.

Monday, November 24, 2003

XML Conference and Exhibition, 2003, Philly

I will be at this years XML Conference & Exposition next month in Philly. I have skipped XML conferences for a couple of years now so its time I took in another one. The IdeaAlliance conference is always a good one. I typically get so pumped after one of these it takes me a week to decompress. Sad eh?

Sun should loosen up on the 'one language' thing

I'm with James Strachan on on this. I firmly believe that the long term viability of Java the platform depends on a more grown up and less condescending attitude to the benefits of interpreted languages on the JVM.
Anyone who thinks you need a compiler to be a real programmer needs to wake up and smell the roses :-) Anyone who thinks compile-time type checking is a sina-qua-non to robust software needs to ... no skip it ... I cannot be bothered...Just go here and do some reading.

Jython taglib for Tomcat

[Via the ever informative Daily Python-URL]. A generic jython taglib for tomcat. Nice.