Monday, June 21, 2004

Web servers for local data access

Micah Dubinko of xForms fame, is playing around with using simple HTTP GET/POST to URI-ify his local data. By coincidence, I have an ITWorld article on that subject coming up in a couple of weeks. The question that most interests me is the difference between treating a local space (such as a hard disk) as a namespace of un-interpreted data (a file system) versus treating it as a local space (such as your locally installed apps) of interpreted data.

Question 1: How many applications do you use all the time?
If you are like me, you use a large number of applications some of the time but a small number of applications, most of the time.

Question 2: What interesting integration possibilities would present themselves if the applications responsible for creating the data on your file system all had web servers and provided processed "views" of this data to web browsers?

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