Wednesday, June 09, 2004

XML and objects - the ultimate permathread continues

Ted Neward responds to Dare Obsanjo on the whole XML serialized objects thing.

I'm with Dare on this one. Ted says

    "Dare, please, be serious for a moment--do you sincerely believe developers in Java and/or .NET are going to give up their favorite programming model (objects) in order to do Web services? When we put rubber to road, if interoperability is going to work (and I fail to see why we're doing Web services if that isn't the goal), then we have to have BOTH ends of the pipe under consideration when we do this. That in turn means I have to ensure that stuff being returned from the Web service is easily consumable in platforms beyond XML. "

1. I believe developers not only should but must look passed the object-centric model to realise any benefit from Web Services.

2. Interoperabilty is not achieved through shared objects. Interoperability is documents. Interoperability is syntax. Interoperability is bits on the wire.

Objects are not the answer to distributed computing. Objects are the question. Documents are the answer.

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