Thursday, September 23, 2004

XML Open 2004

This is costing me 10 pence per minute in Stanstead Airport so read this quickly :-)

I had a good time at XML Open 2004 which ended today. Met some new faces and bumped into some old ones (the faces were not necessarily know what I mean).

My favourite talk was Peter Rogers talking about 1060 NetKernel. A very interesting system - Zope'ish in places with nice XML processing pipelining features and a powerful caching architecture which looks like a very good fit with just-in-time XML transformation pipelines.

There, I said that word again - pipelines. Long before I got up to do my pipelines talk, the word had been used in a bunch of presentations (Cocoon, XForms) and a bunch of coffee-conversations (DSDL, XPipe).

Unless this conference took place on the summit of some off-the-wall statistical outlier, I believe pipelining cometh.

It appears to have entered the collective consciousness of the web publishing geeks, hard-core XML docheads, XML OS creators and uber-XML-validation fans, all at around the same time.

Namely now.


I believe the presentations and some audio/video of some of the talks will be made available.

I'll point to the stuff when it appears.

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