Tuesday, March 08, 2005

OpenOffice 2.0 causing quite a stir

This review is fairly typical of what I'm hearing/reading.

The new look/feel stuff is nice. The database thrown in is useful, but the XForms stuff, that could change the world. Here is the great irony of the Web. It was vastly easier to create a CRUD application (a database app with Create, Report, Update and Delete functions) in the days of Dbase II than it is today.

Sometime, somehow, we have to get that functionality back. XForms could be the way to get there in a web world. With sufficient implementation experience, profiling and ingenuity, a solution for thick client deployment should double up as a solution for client-side/thin-client deployment.

The pattern of down-translating XForms to DHTML on the server side is a powerful one. If the XSLT experience is anything to go by, server side use will significantly outstrip client side use.

Interesting times.

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