Monday, March 07, 2005

Uninspiring coding and/or marketing - whatever

I saw an advert just now on a well known blog. the advert was from the recruitment agency It read:

if (threshold = salary_sucks) {
goto =;
} else {;

Note to dice's avertising folk: This code is almost certainly not syntactically valid in any extant programming language. Making the minimum syntactic changes to make it, say, C, leaves you with a nice semantic bug in the conditional. The expression "" is scary, as is the layout of the code itself. Not the work of a competent programmer at full throttle.

Now this is an advert not a code review but heck guys, how much effort does it take to at least make the humorous program, a believable program?

Note to programmers: If you are already getting paid to write stuff like that, maybe you should stay put because you are on a winner dude.

Note to those who think I have a somewhat anal rententive, pedantic, borderline manic-obsessive, overly-literal, borderline autistic streak: What makes you think that?

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