Friday, May 27, 2005

Blog archive blip and a killer service offering idea

I totally don't understand how this happened. I promise I wasn't trying to game the blog archives...

Now that I think of it, I twice read an amusing story by one of Ireland's greatest wits - Flann O’Brien aka Myles na Gopaleen. It concerned a book mauling service whereby - for a suitable fee - books in the libraries of the wealthy would be annotated and mauled, better to edify their owners.

How about a blog archive creation service which, for a suitable consideration, would create an archive of wonderous blog postings? An aggrandising opus suitable for brandishing at job interviews and the like.

"Do you contribute to the technical community?".
"Oh, yes, my blog contains a gazillion items of erudition I have gushed forth over the years. Just google for me and you will find them..."

I can smell a competition coming on...Hitlers diaries mark II, maybe even a new twist on the Turing Test :-)

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