Sunday, June 05, 2005

interludrature for geeks

Interludrature is a portmanteau word that jumped into my head in a restaurant Friday.

It combines "interlude" and "literature".

The interlude in question on Friday was the delay between ordering food and it actually arriving in a rather good Italian restaurent.

The literature in question on Friday was the May 2005 issue of the invariably-useful paper publication Doctor Dobb's Journal.

Although I read a lot of geek stuff online these days I still get, and plan to continue to get, Dobb's on paper. Why? Because it is the right size and has the right density of content to be perfect for use use in the inevitable forced interludes in day to day geek ambulations. Its perfect for restaurents, airports and (dare I says it) comprehensive calls of nature.

I keep a stack of Dobb's in a "to read" pile and make sure that my laptop bag always has one or two of them stuffed in it.


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