Monday, August 29, 2005

Data Shock and how to treat it

Data Shock is the jolt one feels when you realise that data you thought was at hand, is not at hand because you have jumped from one computing environment to another. For me, the big jolts of data shock come when I leave Thunderbird/Emacs/Firefox/OpenOffice on Linux and boot into Thunderbird/Emacs/Firefox/OpenOffice on my Windows partition. All my apps are there but most of my data isn't. 220 volts to the cerebrum.

At home in Linux, I have /media/windows which works great. I've recently started to play with explore2fs and so far so good. Great for crossing the chasm with a Visio diagram on your back to haul it to a printer.

Plan 9 is a general solution to data shock in which moving from one directory to another can move you from one CPU to another but I digress...

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