Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sun T2000 Niagara Noodling. Part 4.

Part 3 was here.

Turns out we left the machine room a wee bit early. ssh and telnet could both see the T2000 but we would kicked off every time we tried to log on.

Root is not allowed log on over telnet/ssh which makes a lot of sense. However, we've got quite used to Unix systems (debian, Ubuntu) creating a non-root user as part of the install. Back into the machine room to do that.

Now we can hopefully move on to the software side of things. I have a website of about 1 million static HTML pages I want to try. I also have about 300,000 OpenOffice documents I want to uptranslate to a custom XML schema. I also have a mission critical, carrier grade wireless portal that I'd like to try out on it.

More on these items anon.

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