Friday, May 12, 2006

Sun T2000 Niagara Noodling. Part 5

Part 4 is here.

Now to install some of the "must haves", starting with Python...Mentally switch from apt-get-think to pkgadd-think. Find good stuff on the Solaris freeware site (watch out for the 5 dependancies that Python has. You will need those packages too).

How to download the packages in one fell swoop? wget? Nope. Not installed. Bummer. Life is so much harder without wget.

Downloaded wget via another machine and sftp'ed it to the T2000.

Then wget gets all the packages which pckgadd installs just fine.

Next up, Apache. Remember the 1 million or so HTML pages I mentioned? They are now sitting on the T2000 waiting to be served up.

I'm looking forward to comparing performance with an old warhorse Sun Ultra that we currently use as a test server for those 1 million HTML pages.

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