Sunday, May 07, 2006

An *Ubuntu Home Network #2

I made a couple of false starts w.r.t. Dansguardian. Not seeing it in the default package repositories, I elected to compile from source. A comedy of errors ensued. I grabbed a not-completely-up-to-date tarball which doesn't compile with GCC 4. I ended up taking a long detour down a scenic but avoidable C/C++ compilation lore sideroad...

To cut a long story short, add the "community maintained" repositories to your Synaptics Package Manager and download the packages of Dansguard and TinyProxy that it provides.

Dansguard relies on an underlying proxy to do the actual fetching of stuff. Any proxy will do but Squid and TinyProxy are the most mentioned in the Googlesphere.

I elected to use TinyProxy as it is small and resource-lean. The machine I'm setting this up on would not win any prizes for speed or capacity...

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