Monday, June 19, 2006

Hard disk Pachinko

Some time between Friday and Sunday my hard disk decided to go South and I don't mean to Kerry.

Sunday morning I hit the on/off switch on my beloved IBM T42P and I hear what sounds like my hard disk doing a bad impersonation of a Pachinko machine. I visualize ball bearings whizzing all over the magnetic media scrambling everything as I listen in horror.

Luckily my backup strategy is in reasonable shape.

I've lost a few notes I made to myself last week and some e-mails from Friday but nothing else that I can think of.

Fact: Hard disks fail.

Fact: Hard disks are getting smaller as well as bigger and cheaper.

Thought: Maybe the time has come to double up on hard disks in the laptop and run RAID 5 or something.

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