Wednesday, June 07, 2006

If identity security is really hard (which it is) perhaps we will all just hide behind faked up identities?

Just thinking out loud here. If technology makes privacy really problematic (as in the famous "Privacy is Dead. Get over it.") perhaps the pragmatic reaction of carbon-based life forms who value their privacy will be to use a plethora of makey-uppy identities. Modern day "nom de plume" by the boatload?
If privacy is dead, maybe identity is dead too?".
How many standalone identities have you already got right now for online services? Do you see that list diminishing or growing in the years ahead?
Where do genteel sounding "non de plume(s)"[1] stop and the problem-laden concept of "fake identities" start?

[1] Apologies to the beautiful French language for this egregious pluralisation hack.

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