Monday, August 21, 2006

Django gets the nod

It is reported that Django has just become *The* Python Web Framework. Interesting. Buzz was certainly heading in that direction and the buzz will now become louder I suspect.

I'm happy that one of them has been chosen. We have no way of knowing how many would-be Python developers over the years have looked elsewhere because of the "primordial soup" feel that the vista of Web App Frameworks presented.

Don't get me wrong, having lots of diversirty and choice and innovation is fundamentally good. However, for the newbie, healthy diversity in an ecosystem can be interpreted as chaos. The trick is to get the newbie "in the door" with the simple picture of order and clarity. Then they will be suitably adjusted to appreciate the diversity that thrives underneath.

Unfortunately, we will now see some silver-bullet syndrome in action. Apps which are perfect candidates for Zope/Plone being developed on top of Django because Django is The Framework, is one possible outcome.

Parenthetically,isn't it just plain gobsmackingly weird how object databases just cannot get a hold in the mainstream computing mindset?

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