Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nervy time for all laptop users

I dunno if this story (complete with scary picture) of a post-explosion Thinkpad is T or F but I suspect it is T.

It appears that the battery involved was not the original but that is just a detail at this point I think. The battery industry has a problem, therefore the laptop industry has a problem. Period.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but I'm not seeing fantastic positive action and leadership-from-the-front on this issue out there amongst battery manufacturers.

I have a Thinkpad. I use it as my main machine. In other words, I use it all day, every day. Not just when I'm travelling. Its my main s/w dev box, my main doco box etc. It is plugged into the mains in my home office as I write this. I leave it on 24x7.

Have I a fire hazard ticking over in my house now? Does the risk of dodgyness in a battery decrease with longevity of the battery or get worse? Should I switch off my machine overnight?

Until such time as I know more, I think I will.

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