Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Knowledge capture in a webby world

On the efficacy of some web technologies as knowledge capture tools (especially video) :
Leverage web technologies to capture and manage knowledge assets

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Anonymous said...

The video techniques you describe in this article can be useful even when the expert has committed his expertise to (virtual) paper. I once had to assume responsibility for a project so that a colleague could accept a new position. He prepared a wiki for everything the considered important, and we reviewed it together. I remember discussing topics with him that we didn't consider important enough to include. As it turned out, the project slept during my guardianship. When I handed it over to my successor, I pointed him to my predecessor's wiki. He didn't feel that a discussion was needed. I have since left the company. I understand he is unable to perform the required tasks. Apparently, the level of detail that was sufficient for me wasn't sufficient for him. A video of the discussions I had with my predecessor might have alerted him that there was more than met his eye.
Conjecture: The video technique is ideal for documenting discrepancies of expertise between the expert and the aspiring expert, but it may not lead to complete knowledge capture. For that, more iterations with more experts and aspiring experts might be necessary.

Richard R. Liu