Monday, February 18, 2008

Boston bound

I'm going to be in Boston for Paddy's week this year mixing some business with some R'n'R. Doing the Parade thing and the scoffing-the-seafood thing. If any blog readers out there want to meet up, let me know.


Mick T. said...

I think Legal's is way overrated for Seafood and food in general. I think the Skipper's tavern in Burtonport is much better and closer to you too. ;)

Or try Neptune Oyster in Boston's North End, it's small but the grub is good and goes well with a bottle of Duval or Chimay from the barman.

Sure gives us a shout maybe I'll show you the way there.


Mick T. said...

If you want to meet up give me a shout, address is here: