Monday, February 25, 2008

Connecting A to B

A short treatise on the key business issues that lurk under the technology sounding phrase "Connecting A to B" and a set of questions to ask thyself whilst cogitating same: Connecting A to B - a decision tree approach


Dan B. said...

Sean: I couldn't find a way to contact you other than leaving a comment. I just read your "Oops! RSI" post on You were on the right track with the Sarno stuff - but apparently quickly dismissed it. And kept searching for a physical cause.

I would really encourage you to dig deeper into Dr. Sarno's approach to your RSI symptoms. The fact that the pain moves around is a HUGE indicator. I have back pain that I have conquered through Sarno's principles. There is a website called Join that forum discussion - tell your story - ask questions. The forum is filled with success stories - not just of back pain - but RSI and many other comparable symptoms.

The longer you focus on the physical and ignore the stress side of things - the longer your pain will persist. Fear is a huge problem. So is programming. You expect to feel the pain - and there it is. You mentioned that you tried to tell yourself that you are fine - and that's a start. But it does take work. Lots of inner reflection.

Was there anything particular going on in your life at the time the pain started? November 2007? Anything particularly stressful? Good stress - bad stress? Doesn't matter. It all adds up.

If you wish to discuss this further - get back in touch with me.

Sean said...


I'm doing work on the stress side of things. Sarno's book was helpful to me in seeing the stress connections but all that stuff about "suppresed rage"...I found it somewhat off-putting. I may be stressed out but I don't feel I'm suppressing my inner child :-)

Anyway, so far so good. I have been working on stress reduction via mindfulness following the writings of Jon Kabatt-Zinn. Stress is definitely part of my problem.

Sadly, it does appear to be only part.