Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prime time desk/lap computing with Ubuntu

Stories like this one from David Megginson are becoming increasingly common.

Be in no doubt : Ubuntu is an extremely capable and robust system that can give Windows/OS-X systems a run for their money in most laptop/desktop environments.

I'm just back from XTech 2008 and looking around the rooms at the conference, I suspect straight up Windows laptops represented < 50% of the machinery on show. In years to come, I suspect the late Oozies will be remembered as an inflection point of considerable importance in terms of market sentiment in the end-user operating systems world.

I plugged my Ubuntu laptop into the overhead projector stuff and it worked. No fiddling with resolutions, no bios brain surgery. The Mac folks at the conference had similar success levels. I remember a time when Windows was the safest bet for device compatibility. No longer methinks.

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sapphirecat said...

"I remember a time when Windows was the safest bet for device compatibility."

Except for the problem of video drivers. Most of the newer cards don't have open-source 3D support at all, and my 7050PV (integrated nvidia chipset) doesn't even have 2D support. I'm stuck with the binary drivers, which is kinda ridiculous a year after the chipset release.