Sunday, May 11, 2008

XTech Presentation Slides

My XTech Presentation Slides ODP and PDF

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norbert nowotsch said...


i ran into your presentation by the will of google, while searching for the words of "Summer in Siam" by the Pogues.
i found the slides both funny, inspiring and unusual for those matters, even that i´m sure it lacks your flow of words.
the piece reminded me on the unorthodox lectures by a bunch of computer scientists and others in germany, who meet once a year under the name MMK (men-machine-communication) since 1981, i go there since 1994 or so.
i found some other interesting articles in your blog as well, so, thank you, i may come back.
i myself teach media design at a university of applied sciences in m√ľnster, i don´t run a blog, just a tiny website and some projects listed somewhere there.

norbert nowotsch