Saturday, May 16, 2009

career damaging self-description

career damaging self-description: some thoughts on how programmers describe themselves.


walter said...

All well and good but unfortunately the recruitment process is mediated by keyword-predicated recruitment "consultant" who don't will pass over a "Web Application developer" if the client's requirements say "Java"

Sean said...

Indeed. Its a real problem. Clients say they want X programmers and recruitment consultants mirror that in their search approach and a vicious circle is produced.

tomo said...

Hi Sean,

Long time no see :). Hope your well. I enjoyed this techtorial. You are correct... defining yourself by a specific language or languages is crazy. That said... unfortunately HR recruiters often have absolutely no IT understanding whatsoever. They scan your c.v. for predetermined keywords. If i put down web application developer using j2ee technology stack, the recruiter could pass over my c.v. because he/she was looking for 'struts', 'spring', 'ejb' etc... My c.v. may never actually make it to the employer unless HR recruitment companies are provided better training and understanding of IT and related associated keywords. Thats another can of worms... how do we agree and associated HR related IT wordset such that when a HR recruiter sees java web developer he will infer => e.g. java web application developer has a likely possibility that the candidate has experience with spring/struts and jsp/jsf etc...
On a non related note, may i suggest that perhaps it would be better to use typed font , cut and paste from a clip board for your sketch pad . I often find it difficult to read other peoples writing and I do not always have access to sound in work to explain what one note vs another means. The picture paints illegible words! :)

all the best


Sean said...


Hi there. The handwriting thing is a bit of a problem. My handwriting has atrophied over the years thanks to keyboarding. On top of that, its difficult to write with a pen interface compared to a pen.

I'm going to experiment with teeing up pages with typewritten text before I start the techtorial.