Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lisa Hannigan

Ever since I came across Damien Rice I've been watching out for evidence of his backing vocalist Lisa Hannigan branching out on her own. She is waaay to good to be a second fiddle.

And now she has. I hope she plays more dates in the US soon.

If you have not come across her before thing of a mashup between Norah Jones, Leonard Cohen with a touch of Mary Margaret O'Hara.

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Hoang Do said...

I agree with you and a couple of years ago, I went looking for some of Lisa's solo pieces. I liked almost every piece that she did with Damien. Her solos were... um...

Good music is more than just vocals. Damien's lyrics were/are just so emotionally powerful.

I hope Lisa Hannigan's new endeavors are more successful. Not dismayed, I am still a fan of hers.