Tuesday, June 28, 2011

M is for "Map" as well as "Mobile"

Remember all the M- stuff? M-Government for example? I am seeing an interesting trend in eDemocracy-related data sets. People want to consume/contribute to the information corpus while mobile - that much is a given. iPads, Android phones etc...But a lot of eDemocracy-related information has a strong geo-component to it.

Thence M for Maps on top of M for Mobile. A powerful combination for eDemocracy. A real paradigm shift I think, away from the P for Paper and P for PDF that sadly, currently dominates.

So, I'm not surprised to see M-for-Maps (Government) becoming a buzz item in Asia where a lot of the M-for-Mobile (Government) emanted from. Inciting citizen engagement with Spatial Information

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