Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More techtorials?

I'm soliciting feedback/suggestions on the techtorials I have been doing with ITWorld.

I know that the handwriting quality is a problem for some people. Its tough writing with a pen interface and my handwriting is bad to start with...I have some ideas to address that.

I'm wondering whether the format has legs, what topics would be of potential interest and so on.

If you have something to say on the topic please use Left Field Techtorials feedback site or comment on this blog, or e-mail me.


Darragh Curran said...

I liked what I watched so far (is it secure and I'm a java programmer!)

I'd be more inclined to watch more if they were shorter. (< 2mins or even better, < 1min). I reckon you'd loose very little of your message.

Gary Tully said...

I think the format works really well because we get two information streams in parallel. The audio and accompanying visual emerge as one, in real time, which gives a great simulation of a face to face presentation.

Some topic fodder:
team dynamics that work
thinking styles - problem solving technique

superboreen said...

I like them. I like that they are long(ish). I'd like something on:

naming things in content management

search vs/and/or hierarchical navigation

why categorising content is hard

explaining information architecture to people who don't appear to care