Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Blog duellos anyone?

Via John Naughton comes a pointer to a site where two heavyweights of thought will duke it out. What a great idea!

We could do with this format here in geekdom. It could make for some very interesting blog reading. hold a position diametrically opposite to someone elses on some tech issue, you "challenge" them to a blog duel. You sign up on the site that offers blog duelling for free. (Hey, they make their money charging the audience to watch you guys go at each other:-). You agree to be bound by a set of rules and agree that the moderator has the right to orchestrate the debate. You debate the issue in full view of blogspace....

Two participants. No muli-threading or noise such as that which gets in the way on mailing lists or usenet. None of the size restrictions that come with blog commenting systems.

Just a thought. If you think it is a terrible idea, challenge me to a duello :-)

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