Thursday, February 24, 2005

AMQ - an open wire protocol for reliable messaging. Interesting++

AMQ could prove interesting on a number of levels.

Open, non-proprietary reliable messaging is a good thing without which, enterprise class Web Services don't amount to much more than a bad implementation of DCOM or RMI in my opinion.

Anyway, the really interesting thing will be to see how AMQ as a wire protocol, fares compared to JMS which is an API.

My money is on the wire protocol. I'm a bits-on-the-wire kida guy and so I prefer JXTA to JINI and XML over HTTP to just about anything. Will I prefer AMQ to JMS? I expect so. Wire protocols are the key to true interoperability. APIs on the other hand are the key to true platform lock-in. We have seen this over and over again over the years. All the useful stuff ends up outside the platform-independent API :-(

But I don't know enough about AMQ yet. I need to dig...

BTW, the person from Sonic quoted in the article seems to have missed some pretty impressive open source reliable messaging goodies that come complete with all the "ilities" you might like. What's more, I'm familiar with most of the expensive, proprietary offerings in this space and I can assure you that as a bunch, they do not shower themselves with glory when it comes to the "ilities" either. Unless you throw in some very expensive database kit underneath.

The redoubtable James Strachan clears up any possible confusion.

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