Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beautiful South/Leonard Cohen: Anhydrous Wit and Humour - Trip Report. Going off the deep end interpreting Leonard Cohen lyrics. Trip report.

The Beautiful South played Castlebar last night and a good time was had by all. There is something delicious about the way they take boulder sized lumps of acerbic wit/irony/social commentary and strap them to the back of tuneful, stompin' pop ditties which they then belt out in a wall-of-sound kind of way.

I can go for years without attending a live concert and now two come together in successive weeks. Next week the literary content quotient gets ratcheted up considerably at an Evening of Leonard Cohen Songs at the Point in Dublin.

Ideally of course it would be Leonard Cohen himeself. Doubly ideally, I would buttonhole him back stage and ask for a detailed explanation of this:

    Then I came back from where I'd been.
    My room, it looked the same -
    But there was nothing left between
    The Nameless and the Name.

A critique of nominalism?
Frege/Russell-esque denotation?
Kripke/Putnam Causal Theory of Reference?
The Heideggerian pre-ontological background on which Daisen formulates Being?

Maybe its just a love song. I should probably lie down.

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