Friday, September 15, 2006

Blessed are the babelfish

So this a.m. I install the 5 updates that my Ubuntu Dapper box tell me are available. I note new kernel stuff coming down...

I reboot to finish the install and all is well except my VMWare server won't boot.

Hmmm. I hate these moments. The brow furrows. Coincidence? Co-Occurence? Causal connection?

I run with the latter theory. I run vmware from a terminal window to watch for messages spewing out the exhaust pipe. Something called "g_get_language_names" is either borked or has done the borking.

I google "Ubuntu VMware g_get_language_names".

I get a hit on a Spanish page. It looks like it might be a fix but I don't read Spanish. I get the page translated.

Yup. That fixed it.


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