Thursday, December 28, 2006

The BIOS for a new century...

When I still had hair we talked about PC's having a BIOS. A basic i/o substem on which you would layer an OS. I remember layering a Microsoft product onto a PC once.

No. Not that one.
No. Not that one either.
This one: Microsoft Xenix.

Anyway, given that this week some of my noodlings on virtualization have been blogged to an unsuspecting and indifferent planet :-) I had virtualization on my mind when scanning the newscape this morning. User friendly virtualization for Linux caught my eye. This could be a real sweet spot for Linux I think. Take the kernel and you have yourself an uber-BIOS to base your work on - even if it is another operating system. Take the BIOS + the Apps and you have a fully-blown OS environment.

I suspect soon I will be booting into a layer of Linux and then booting into further laters of Linux and other OS's in virtualised containers.

There, I knew we as an industry would find a way to use up all those pesky CPU cycles and megabytes of storage.

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